SAMS Business Schools offers B.B.A Shipping ?

Sams-business- school-offers

SAMS leading college in Maritime studies has launched BBA Shipping course that prepares students for offshore in the shipping and logistics. Students will be exposed to both theoretical and practical knowledge of business. This is 3 year course which gradually takes students to different aspects of Shipping and logistics.

The first year consists of two semesters of the course with focus on core subjects and theoretical understanding of shipping and logistics. During the first year students also gets exposed to soft skills like communication and basic understanding of computer software.

After the completion of the 1 st year the students gets exposed to practical knowledge with internships for 4 weeks.

During the second year of the students are allowed to take optional elective to specialize in the linear trade or multi modal transportation.

In 3rd year students must do 2 projects in their selected area of focus at actual work area.

Overall students will come out with flying colors and will be fully ready to contribute to the Shipping and logistics Industries. There is also great demand for the well trained resources in the shipping and logistics industry.

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