Seafarer should also know about International Maritime Law?


International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) was established in 1988 under the International Maritime Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN). This Institute is currently headquartered in Malta, on the campus of the University of Malta.

Though this institute is primarily constituted to train lawyers in Maritime law but there are Advance Diploma courses for Non-Lawyers as well.


The Advanced Diploma Programme in International Maritime Law is designed to benefit professionals (including those in the most senior levels) who are involved in maritime practice both in the private and in the public sectors and who, because of their careers, are unable to be away from their jobs for any length of time in excess of a few weeks per year.

The Programme is structured on a credit system. Candidates must earn a sufficient number of credits after following and successfully completing courses on distinct subject areas to allow him/her the award of an Advanced Diploma. The Programme is open to non-lawyers. Candidates are required to possess a degree from a recognized University or other academic institution, or must possess qualifications of comparable standards, including relevant professional or practical experience, or both, recognized for this purpose by the Institute.

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