The Next big Innovations in Maritime?

Next-big- innovation

1.Unmanned Cargo Ships

When Google and Uber are experimenting driverless cars in Silicon Valley, Maritime innovators busy experimenting unmanned autonomous Cargo vessels. The Project MUNIN – Maritime Unnamed navigation through Intelligence in Networks – is a collaborative research project, founded by European Union commissions. Though primarily automated by on board decision making system, these vessels can also be remotely controlled.


Will such autonomous Cargo ships reduce the job opportunities and make human activities limited to offshore activities and maintenance?

2.Robotics for Maintenance

Computers and the Internet, two 20th century disruptive technologies, have given us unprecedented access to information and a communication superhighway that has fueled a globalized economy.
IOT for Maritime is one of the fastest growing opportunism in IOT Space, which helps to build sensors and Robots that can help in Ship Maintenance like Fire fighting, Ship Hull Cleaning and engine room maintenance.


3.Green is Future

Green House emission by Ocean going vessels are under scrutiny and there is tremendous pressure on Maritime operators to reduce the emissions. Straight forward improvements are in Cleaner engines and mechanism to remove Sulphur and Nitrous oxides to reduce the atmosphere pollution.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) offered another novel technology that seeks to reduce frictional drag on the under-surface of a vessel. Chiharu Kawakita, research manager, Nagasaki Research and Development Center, Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, MHI, said: “Between 50% to 70% of a ship’s resistance is due to skin friction. Skin frictional drag is a longstanding problem for shipbuilding engineers.”
The MHI innovation known as MALS (Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System), which blows air to the bottom of the hull to create a layer of air bubbles, has been tested to help vessels reduce about 10% of fuel cost and CO2 emissions, Kawakita claimed.

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